Surgent's Data Analytics Readiness Series: Artificial Intelligence- Basic Concepts in Excel On-Demand Webcast

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Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC


2+ years of experience working with Excel


This one-hour course will serve as an introduction to artificial intelligence and how artificial intelligence is utilized in Excel. Users will be introduced to correlation and trend functions in Excel. The basics of linear regression and its application in Excel will be discussed. Specific attention will be given to artificial intelligence functions in Excel, including, but not limited to, forecasting, trend analysis, regression analysis, and predictive modeling.

This course is one in a ten-part certification series, Core Data Analytics: Excel and Power BI Skills for Accounting and Finance Professionals, by Surgent IQ.


  • Understanding difference between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Formulas in Excel (Correl and Trend and Forecast)
  • Linear regression
  • What is artificial intelligence?
  • Examples- artificial intelligence
    • Forecast function
    • Trend function
    • Regression in Excel with the data analysis ToolPak
    • Creating a prediction model


  • Understand the applicable Excel skills that will be required in making the transition to data analyst 
  • Understand what artificial intelligence is and how it relates to data analytics
  • Understand and apply artificial intelligence analysis using Excel
  • Understand the basics of performing linear regression and apply that understanding to data
  • Accurately model data and create a prediction model
  • Apply trend analysis and forecasting functions to data in Excel

Designed For

Accountants who want to transition to data analysis and have a basic knowledge of Excel and Excel formulas

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