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Why can’t I have CPE classes in my community?

 In order for the WYOCPA to break even on courses we need 12-15 CPAs in the class.  Instructors are expensive and many charge us a honorarium and per participant.  Books and travel costs continue to increase.  Instructors are aging and many don’t want to travel as often as they have in the past.  Many vendors require a minimum number of  participants in which the WYOCPA has to buy “seats” in order to make the class happen. Renting out hotel space and providing meals also adds to the cost of the course.  With all this being said, many of Wyoming’s small     communities are unable to bring enough CPAs to the course to cover our costs.  And if they can, then we can’t get an instructor to these communities.

 Explain more about the health insurance benefit.

 If you are working for a public accounting firm, your insurance may be coming from the WYOCPA insurance  program.  The Wyoming Professionals Benefit Plan and Trust was established December of 2007.  They operate under a separate board of  trustees to provide health insurance coverage to its members. The firm’s owner(s) must be member(s) of the Wyoming Society of CPAs and decide if the firm will participant. The insurance would cover the CPA/staff and their dependents .  It is one of very few plans that has an early retiree plan that bridges the gap to Medicare. In order to be eligible, you must be in public accounting with a firm size of at least two.  CNIC is the insurance provider and currently there are 108 people covered under the plan.


If someone in my firm want to join the WYOCPA in the middle of the year, do I get a break on their dues?

 Yes, we do pro-rate dues.  The fiscal year for the Wyoming Society of CPAs is May1—April 30. 


How can we increase the number of CPAs in the state?

 Recruiting students into the CPA profession is a priority for the Wyoming Society of CPAs.  Each fall we help sponsor the annual Practitioner’s Day at the University of Wyoming College of Business.  We work with Beta  Alpha Psi to help schedule Meet the Firms, Beat the Firms and make presentations at their meetings.  We also meet with faculty from the University and community colleges at their Articulation Conference.  This past year we helped sponsor presentations at the community college level and we continue to assist in scheduling and providing materials to CPAs for high school visits.  Scholarships are also funded, thanks to our generous members. The more students in the pipeline will ensure more quality staff in your firms and businesses.


What is the WYOCPA doing for Young Professionals?

This is a new initiative that we are taking on this year.  Networking, social media, CPE and a few other ideas are being discussed to meet this specific groups wants and needs.  If you are interested in helping us get started, we would love to hear from you!


How do I log into the new website?

 Your user name is the email address the WYOCPA office has on file for you.  Your password is your last name and first initial.  For example, Cowboy Joe’s password will be joec.  Be sure to change your password upon your first log in.  This will help maintain the security on you Membership profile.


If you have any more questions please feel free to contact the WYOCPA office and we will be more than happy to help you.  You can email us at admin@wyocpa.org or call 307-634-7039

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