Education Resources

The Education Resource section of this website is used to provide resources to Educators, parents and the all members of the public with resources they can use to improve one’s financial literacy and to find their path to becoming a CPA

College Students

  • Scholarships

    Are you an accounting student looking for scholarships? There are many scholarships available through the AICPA. Click here to see what they offer!

    AICPA Scholarships

    Wyoming Society of CPAs - Past President's offer a scholarship to Accounting students as well.  For more information please contact

  • CPA Exam Information

  • Career Paths for CPAs

    AICPA provides a plethora of information to help students decide on the CPA world. One of the resources is to take a look at the different career paths available to CPAs. Click here for more information.

  • ThisWay to CPA

    ThisWay to CPA is an excellent resource for students to use. This website helps students learn what it takes to become a CPA and provides the resources needed to succeed!

Educator Resource

  • How do I become a CPA?

    The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) provides a great deal of information for current and potential CPAs. Take a look to see what they say about  CPA Licensure and Mobility.

  • Start Here, Go Places

    Start Here, Go Places -Educator Portal  provides a great resource for educators to peak student's interest in the CPA profession.  This portal provides an infinite source of lessons, activities and discussion topics just to name a few things that are available.

Wyoming Community Colleges and University

Financial Literacy

  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

    360 Degrees of Financial Literacy si a FREE PROGRAM of the naltion's CPAs to help Americans understand their personel financies through every stage of life. Click to learn more

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