Practioner's Day 2011

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Pam Ivey

Link to Photo Pam Ivey Pam Ivey from the Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants interacting with UW Students

Liz Ott & UW student

Link to Photo Liz Ott & UW studentCPA vs Students, let the competition begin

Beta Alpha PSi Students

Link to Photo Beta Alpha PSi StudentsStudents battle out for the final winner in the Rock-Paper- Siccors tournament

Mike Lewis

Link to Photo Mike LewisPresident Elect Mike Lewis discusses practing in a Public CPA firm

Liz Ott

Link to Photo Liz OttLiz Ott discusses what it is like to be a CPA in the Education Sector

Link to Photo Students listening to the CPA presentors

Link to Photo (R to L) Liz Ott, Kim Alexander, Mike Lewis and Pam Robinson

Link to Photo Trenda Weisshaar, Liz Ott and Kim Alexander

Link to Photo The first competition in "CPAs Got Talent"

Link to Photo The second talent in "CPAs Got Talent" Liz Ott wins the Hola-hopping!

Link to Photo The third talent competition "Who really knows how to operate a 10-Key"

Link to Photo The foruth competition "Moving Assets"

Link to Photo The fifth competion "What you do when you don't sit for the test- Burger Flipping"

Link to Photo Sarah Sweeney gives a presentation on "What not to Wear"

Link to Photo )L to R) Wayne Herr and Michael Wright demonstrate some "poor choices" for men, while Sarah MCs.

Link to Photo (L to R) Monica Burgeson and Alexandra Wilkinson demonstrate "What not to wear" for women

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