2011 Membership Retreat

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Every year our members gather for an Annual Membership Retreat. We incorporate education, annual meeting and some fun. Here is a quick look at some of the things we did in 2011.

Link to Photo Penne Ainsworth presents on "Why People Cheat" as part of the CPE provided during Retreat.

Link to Photo Kenton Walker - UW Panel Update

Link to Photo Social Hour before Dinner at the Laramie Country Club

Link to Photo Dinner at the Laramie Country Club

Link to Photo Dinner at the Laramie County Clud

Link to Photo Jacque Michel and Dave Koerwitz enjoying dinner at the Laramie Country Club

Link to Photo Bill Benksin giving the Welcome Speech at dinner at the Laramie Country Club

Manon Ward

Link to Photo Manon WardEntertainment during dinner at the Laramie Country Club

Link to Photo Enjoying the evening's entertainment

Link to Photo Ken Dugas and Renee Brower watching the evening's entertaimnet

AICPA Professional Issues Update

Link to Photo AICPA Professional Issues UpdateGreg Anton making his presentation

2011 Past Presidents in attendance

Link to Photo 2011 Past Presidents in attendance(Top row Left to Right) Rick Reimann, Bil Benskin, Ken Dugas, Mike Lovelett, Ed Brolyer, Stu Webster. (Bottom row Left to Right) Lois Huff, Jacque Michel, Cheryl Brolyer, Carl Wheeler

Bowling Tournament

Link to Photo Bowling TournamentSusan Frank and Pam Ivey

Link to Photo Dave Koerwitz in his release as Micheal Wright prepares to throw his ball

Link to Photo Bowling bowling bowling! Keep those CPAs bowling!

Link to Photo Pam Dunnuck getting her bowling on!

Link to Photo Micheal Wright - looking like a professional bowler!

Link to Photo Lois Huff - talking to her ball....

Link to Photo Susan Frank in the middle of her realease (back) while Dave Koerwtiz looks on to see what falls.

Link to Photo Pam Dunnuck and Alexandra Wilkinson both at the line waiting to see what thier ball has decided to do.

Link to Photo Suzanne Michel and Alexandra Wilkinson discussing thier game plan to win the bowling tournamnet

Link to Photo (L to R) Wayne Herr Discussing the fine points of Bowling with Cody Carter

Link to Photo Mike Lovelet can't look as "Striker" (aka Dorthy Reimann) prepares to throw her ball.

Link to Photo Mike Lovelett congratulates Penne Ainsworth on her score

Link to Photo Jacque Michel, Mike and Liz Lovelett

Link to Photo (L to r) Wayne Herr, Pam Dunnuck and Trenda Weisshaar

Link to Photo Sam Dunnuck (Right) telling Ed and Cheryl Brolyer a joke during Social Hour

Link to Photo (L to R) Dorthy Reimann and Lois Huff

Link to Photo (L to R) Lois Huff and Renee Brower

Three Wise Men

Link to Photo Three Wise Men(L to R) Bill Benskin, Micheal Wright and Rolf Peterson

Link to Photo (L to R) Bill Benskin and Gretchen Morrison announcing the Bowling Tournament Results

Low Bowlers - Team with the lowest score

Link to Photo Low Bowlers - Team with the lowest scoreMike Lovelett, Penne Ainsworth and Carl Wheeler

Link to Photo Alexandra Wilkinson receiving the "Best Effort" award for her bowling.

Link to Photo (L to R) Trenda Weisshaar, Lois and Randy Huff

Link to Photo Dick Bell telling a "serious" story while Heather Lendarson listens intently

CPAs Getting thier GROOVE on!

Link to Photo CPAs Getting thier GROOVE on!(L to R) Trenda Weisshaar, Dick Bell and Dorthy Reimann

Link to Photo Mike Lovelett dancing with his lovely wife Liz

Link to Photo Pam and Sam Dunnuck cutting a rug

Link to Photo Renee discusses the Historical Tour of Laramie with Melissa Stockberger at the Friday afternoon picnic.

Link to Photo Renee Brower annoucing the Golf Torunament results

Link to Photo Bill Jeffreys looking on as the winners are announced

Loser Golf team

Link to Photo Loser Golf team(L to R) Micheal Wright, Bill Benskin and Stu Webster

Winning Golf Team

Link to Photo Winning Golf TeamDick Bell, Lois Huff and Mike Lovelett

Link to Photo Micheal Wright "I'll have some more please"

Link to Photo Lois Huff, Mike Lovelett and Rolf Peterson dicussing the fine points of a good golf game

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