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Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC


You need Excel 2019 and/or Office365 to use these functions. Click on Account in Excel and it will show you what version you have. Please read last paragraph of course description.


This course overviews some new features and functions that Microsoft offers in Excel 2019 and/or Microsoft 365. The eBook has an accompanying workbook that you can work through along with an answer sheet.

The course introduces the concept of dynamic arrays and related formulas such as SORT(), SORTBY() and Filter(). XLOOKUP() is an update and is intended to effectively replace VLOOKUP(). XLOOKUP() is a must know function and totally improves all the problems of VLOOKUP(). UNIQUE() allows you to identify unique values in a range. The course also covers CONCAT() and TEXTJOIN() which are new text functions that Excel has introduced. CONCAT() is intended to replace the older CONCATENATE().

The course ends with a discussion of some other new functions including IFS(), SWITCH() and MINIFS().

Please make sure that you have the proper Excel version or some or all of these functions will not be available to you. If you are not sure, go to Excel and try typing in an equal sign and then one of the new functions listed here. If the function does not start to display then you probably do not have access to it. Even if you do not have access to the new functions the course is worthwhile as you can use it to determine if you should upgrade to a newer Excel version.


  • Overview of new functions
  • Dynamic arrays
  • Text functions
  • Joining text


  • Define an array
  • Recognize how a dynamic array works
  • Recognize new Excel functions and how to use them

Designed For

Excel users who want to learn more about dynamic array formulas and other new Excel functions

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